Markets Served



The rectilinear design of ModuLED MM1 recessed linear downlight and pendants provide a lighting solution that is ideally suited to the formality of the corporate environment with a focus on efficiency while creating a comfortable and productive environment without too much contrast or glare, all while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. Occupancy sensor, egress, and USB adapter modules offer to save energy, promote traffic flow, and offer a 5V power bus for wireless cameras, routers, speakers, and audio-visual devices.



ModuLED MM3 adjustable spots and MM8 2-spot recessed downlights are perfect in merchandising, to highlight displays and emphasize product features and benefits so they sell quickly. ModuLED MM5R suspended round downlights provide ambient lighting to illuminate larger showroom floors with the ideal amount of lumen output for public safety and theft prevention while keeping within the limits of environmental regulation and tight profit margins.  



The goal of the host is to make the guest feel comfortable using warmth, comfort, and ambiance.  ModuLED MM1 and MM6BL (RGB + W) set the mood, providing atmosphere, and promoting the relaxation that will make them want to come back. MM3 adjustable spotlights, MM4 pendant spots, and MM8 2-spot downlights highlight focal points and bring drama, interest, and sparkle to a leisure environment. MM1 (Static White) offers 2700K - 4000K, which increases the feeling of security in long hallways.



To succeed in a crowded environment, restaurants must offer a unique dining experience. The color-changing capabilities of the ModuLED MM1 and MM6BL RGB + W offer a large palette to establish an exciting or relaxed mood and atmosphere that is out of the ordinary. MM3 adjustable spots and MM8 2-spot downlights provide contrast and drama to highlight focal points and add additional flavor and appeal in this highly competitive market.



The clean, uncluttered rectilinear design of ModuLED is an ideal lighting solution for the modern residential design aesthetic that is so popular today. MM3 adjustable spots and MM8 2-spot downlights provide contrast, and drama to highlight architectural details and interest to an interior space. The MM2 directed downlight provides visual cut off, low glare, and visual comfort to the environment. MM1 and MM6BL RGB + W offer a large palette of colors to provide calmness, and relaxation after a long day productive day.