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Introducing the World's first modular lighting system that integrates ambient, spot and wall wash lighting, along with Exit & Emergency lighting and Audio & Visual Technologies.

With a variety of glare-free lighting elements neatly placed in recto-linear fashion, ModuLED Stealth brings a re-envisioned uncluttered ceiling that is fashionable, functional as well as affordable.

A custom uninterrupted look without the custom price; specifying, estimating, ordering and constructing the space your customer always wanted is now modular-ly simple.

MODULED Stealth – the lighting system reimagined with endless possibilities.


Modular Design - Designed to fit together like building   blocks, the ModuLED system allows for a custom  look without the custom price tag. The system is perfect for  lighting designers who want endless opportunities and  zero      limitations on their designs.

           RGB+W / Warm-Dim - The MM1 linear fixture in our collection offers RGB+W and a Warm-Dim option (1850K-3000K) to set different scenes or create ambiance. The RGB+W is controlled via wireless Bluetooth.
Visual Appeal - With ModuLED everything on your ceiling is unified into a clean and streamlined system making cluttered ceilings a thing of the past.  


Low Voltage Operation - Easy to install, energy-efficient, ModuLED system uses a thin gauge, class 2 wire that carries low-voltage power to the LED fixtures. LED’s are fully controlled and dimmed by this same exact wire, eliminating the need for secondary control wiring.

Precision Design - Unobtrusive design, combined with advanced engineering, makes for a strikingly clean aesthetic.     120V/277 Integral Power Supply - ModuLED has integral power supply options with integrated junction boxes that can save the hassle of extra wiring, and voltage drop calculations.  
Minimalist - ModuLED recessed in white gives depth to ceiling planes. ModuLED in black provides a visible separation.     Quick Ship program - ModuLED is in stock ready to go. Why wait 6-8 weeks for product to arrive when you can have it in two weeks or less.  
Loads of Options - Four different mounting choices, four different color temperatures, RGB+W and Warm-Dim for the linear fixture, two finishes, an emergency exit sign, integral occupancy/motion sensors, daylight/photocell sensors, USB, and emergency backup options.    .                                                                                           Cost effective - Easy-to-spec configurable system shortens design time. A 2-wire incandescent dimming platform results in less wiring and less costly dimmers. Installation time is also saved by utilizing on-board pre-configured lengths for a plug and play build.  








Occupancy Sensor
End Cap


USB Adapter

ModuLED Stealth is perfect for minimalist spaces with a variety of lighting elements. The 1.5" wide 24V low voltage slot system is available in recessed, surface, and pendant mounted variations that are designed to fit together like building blocks. Linear and multi-celled modules fit within the slots for general ambient and task lighting. Spot light, pendant, and color-changing RGB+W modules are available for accent lighting to create drama within any space.


Stealth Sample Case

ModuLED Steath is available with a variety of 60W to 200W power supplies, power feeds, and dimming options. Power feed options include integral, end cap powered, adjacent track powered and top powered supply. Dimming options include 0-10V 0.1% 2-wire, DMX, DALI, and Lutron dimming.




MULTIPLE BEAM SPREADS - Multi-cell and spot modules feature multiple beam spreads for more control in highlighting detail or broader wall surfaces.


COLOR TEMPERATURES - Four color temperatures are available to set the mood, from warm and comfortable to cooler and more vibrant with 3000K to 1850K Warm Dimming option on linear diffused luminaires.


FINISHES - Black and White Flanged Trim Finishes, or Trimless option for quieter ceilings.